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INT Law Firm
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Valaoritou 17, Athens, Greece
+30 2103625709
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INT Law Firm

INT Law Firm is an Athens-based law firm with long-term experience in a broad range of legal services. It represents Greek and foreign clients, from corporations and foreign government bodies to private businesses and individuals in transnational transactions and legal matters. In all areas, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and personal commitment. We¡¯ll work hard to discern the best path forward for your situation, ensuring your rights are protected and your goals are reached.

The firm¡¯s main goal is to ensure that the high service standard it provides never varies and its success in this is confirmed by the loyalty of our clients. Its attorneys work together effectively to provide a focused, time and cost efficient service to its domestic and international clients, while never losing sight of its commercial considerations. INT Law Firm represents the lawyer excellence, at the forefront of the new generation of laws. The range of services and degree of specialization are continually developed to meet the expanding demands and complexities of a modern business without losing personal contact.

INT Law Firm is one of the first law firms engaged in property investment immigration program. One of the firm¡¯s partners has participated in drafting the landmark 2013 immigration investment law throughout.

He is a seasoned, well-esteemed attorney who has an in-depth knowledge of legal areas such as immigration, property, corporate, banking and financial laws.

Under his leadership, his legal consultants have provided our Chinese clients with comprehensive and distinguished legal services, our professionalism and commitment have earned the trust and admiration, as well as an industry-wide reputation by our clients and peers home and abroad.

Our other partner boasted over 10 years of experience running as a real estate agent. His team made up of well-qualified and best-in-class agents who have provided customized and satisfactory services to our clients. They always have their clients¡¯ best interests in mind and do their utmost to seek the most bargains for them. Since the inception of the ¡°Greek Golden Visa¡± program, INT Law Firm has successfully helped clients from China to obtain RP status via the ¡°Golden Visa¡± program, coincidentally, in fact, our first client is from China, who has bought an apartment in Crete island at a bargain. Amidst all our clients, we have rendered them with exceptional service without fail, our reputation has been well-established and respected even by our competitors and spread by word of mouth from our clients.

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